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2024 Cohort invitation

Congratulations -


 You are invited to apply for the 2024 Jameson Fellowship. 


The Jameson Fellowship connects, equips, and empowers changemakers from across sectors through specialized workshops, social events, and professional coaching. We believe the relationships you develop will greatly support you in the work you do each day.  Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of this invitation-only opportunity to apply for the Fellowship. 

For a comprehensive understanding of what the Fellowship entails, download our program information packet here.


Kindly click here to complete the 2024 Jameson Fellowship application by 5:00 pm PST on Monday, October 16, 2023. Applicants who are selected will be notified by November 10, 2023.

We welcome you and your employer’s questions - please feel free to reach out to us at We sincerely hope you consider joining us in making Las Vegas a more compassionate place to live, learn, work, and play through building relationships, trust, and the power of collective impact.  For additional information about the Jameson Fellowship and our initiatives, and to see participants from previous cohorts, please visit 


We will provide a formal invitation to the annual Jameson Fellowship holiday gathering upon acceptance into this program. In the meantime, save the date, Monday, December 4, 2023, 6:00-8:00 p.m.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

In gratitude~

Krista Darnold and the Compassionate Las Vegas + Jameson Fellowship Program Team

Apply Now

why you?

You have been recommended by a Fellow who immensely benefited from our program and believes it would be equally valuable for you.

A Jameson Fellow:

Embodies Potential: Actively seeks opportunities to learn, grow, and champion compassionate leadership.

Adopts a Positive Outlook: Maintains a collaborative and growth-oriented mindset, welcoming challenges and collaboration.

Builds Trust: Exemplifies integrity and expresses a genuine willingness to nurture and sustain circles of trust.

Commits to Local Impact: Passionately contributes to nurturing compassion in Las Vegas and has a deep-rooted commitment to enhancing this community.

Brings Diversity: Possesses distinct skills, abilities, and perspectives that enrich the diversity of the cohort in every aspect.

Offers Varied Expertise: Enhances the group by introducing a breadth of sectoral, functional, and cultural experiences and insights.

A Note From Our Founder

A note from our founder

Dear Friend,  


Thank you for your commitment to our community and for the good work that you are doing to make it even better.


As our community matures there is a growing realization that we cannot do our business in the same siloed fashion to which we have become accustomed. We need to build the tissue of trust and connectivity between our organizations and within our organizations. As we extend the broad wings of our connectivity, we discover novel and creative ways of addressing our community's needs. As we deepen the level of our trust, we likewise enlarge our capacity for good work. We are recognizing more and more that the problems facing us cannot be solved in isolation. The issues of education require the assistance of other non-profit sectors as part of the solution. The same is true for each and every non-profit, governmental, and law enforcement sector.


With this in mind, we formed the Jameson Fellowship to help connect, empower, and equip our community's leaders. We know how busy you all are doing important work in the community - and therefore this Fellowship is intended to help you build valuable relationships, connections and skills, while being respectful of your schedule. The structure includes a two-day (local) immersive leadership summit, coaching, and a series of workshops focused on critical topics that you will be able to shape during the two-day summit, among other training and resource opportunities. I hope (and know) that you will come out of this experience feeling even more ready to take on our community's opportunities.


We will be suggesting in our summit and our work together that we can do "community" better in a model of Collective Impact. And it requires a sincere intention to do so on the part of all the players. We need to support one another as we transition into such a way of interacting. The good news is that when the value of trust begins to permeate the culture, our work is better supported and better accomplished. Philanthropists are awaiting such a new culture of collaboration; the community is growing to expect such an approach to our issues.


As we prepare for the immersive leadership summit and the workshops, we will be asking for your input and your sense of need. We know those who live in Southern Nevada are proud to call it home. We each want to make our contribution in providing a bridge of sustainability and excellence into the 21st century.


Thank you for your participation in the adventure,

Gard Jameson 

Professor of Asian Philosophy, UNLV

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What's Included?

What is Included in the Fellowship?


Core Program Components


● Personalized Fellowship Journey: With our support, you'll create a personalized Fellowship roadmap. We're here to guide you every step of the way, making sure you gain the most from our program.

● Professional Group Coaching: Engage in transformative group coaching sessions, helping you and your projects thrive.

● Comprehensive Assessments: Delve deep with thorough evaluations in personality, communication, and leadership, laying a foundation for profound self-awareness and growth.

● Monthly Connection Sessions: Regularly engage with a diverse cohort of leaders and change-makers who are expanding the work of compassion in Southern Nevada.

● Exclusive Opportunities with Compassionate Las Vegas: Step into unparalleled opportunities provided by Compassionate Las Vegas and esteemed partners. This includes the Compassionate Las Vegas Collective Impact Grant, the prestigious Philanthropy Leaders Summit, as well as an
array of special events, social engagements, and avenues for volunteerism.

Expectations & Time Commitment


Your active and purposeful participation will be the cornerstone of a rewarding Fellowship experience. Fellows agree to a required minimum commitment to:

● Fully immerse yourself in the two-day Leadership Summit

● Attend all three Full-Day Workshops

● Participate in the Annual Fellows Induction Ceremony

● Complete all Program Evaluations and Surveys

Additional participation expectations:

● Devote a few hours each month to ongoing trainings, programming, and connections

● Share responsibility for creating a supportive, collaborative community of Fellows

● Collaborate with Compassionate Las Vegas throughout the Fellowship to evaluate and refine the program for future cohorts

● Infuse Compassionate Las Vegas initiatives with your leadership, creativity, and voice

About the Fellowship

About the Fellowship

The Jameson Fellowship, celebrating its 10th year, is a program of Compassionate Las Vegas that fosters collaboration amongst the various social sectors to influence compassion, unity, and enhance leadership skills to construct impactful change. Often operating in silos and rarely having the time to connect with one another, the Jameson Fellowship creates the space for a culture of cohesion and trust amongst community leaders to develop. Each year up to 30 new Fellows join an alumnus of over 200 members who have learned about the power of collective impact, teamwork, trust, and collaboration.​


The 12-month fellowship provides comprehensive leadership training based on a series of professional assessments emphasizing interpersonal skills, talents and strengths, and core values. Throughout the year, specialized workshops and numerous continuing development opportunities, including professional coaching, create a platform designed to support a motivating and inspiring network of leaders while encouraging them to build ‘Circles of Trust’ that cultivate self-awareness, self-compassion, and cohesion.

About the Jameson Fellowship workshops

About the Workshops

“Collective impact suggests that we cannot solve our problems in isolation…

We need all hands on deck; working together, talking together and dreaming together of a more vibrant community.”

– Dr. Gard Jameson

Immersive Leadership Summit


Dive into our meticulously crafted two-day leadership journey, serving as the cornerstone of the Jameson Fellowship's communal culture. Throughout the summit, participants will introspectively explore the attributes they believe are crucial for fostering meaningful change and shaping the community they envision.


Every attendee benefits from in-depth, customized evaluations pinpointing their values, intrinsic personality, strengths, and talent themes. Through a dynamic blend of individual and group exercises, these insights are unpacked. Participants are empowered to harness their distinctive "leadership DNA," propelling them forward in their respective sectors and enabling them to manifest their desired impact.


Circles of Trust Workshop

Based on Parker Palmer’s principles from A Hidden Wholeness, this workshop provides an opportunity for Fellows to explore ‘soul work,’ an exploration of one’s own life using their inner wisdom. It is also a community of solitude where the cohort comes together in a way that gives every participant a chance to attend to their inner teacher and learn from one another.


The Improv Principle Workshop

The ‘Don't Invent, Discover!’ workshop focuses on the YES, AND improv principle, guiding participants toward discovering how to communicate with authenticity and integrity. REAL Communication provides the tools to shift communication skills from passive to dynamic. Dynamic communication is authentic, influential, strategic, passionate, and memorable.

No matter what communications issue you are seeking to improve: presentation skills, feedback, effective meetings, or leadership skills, this workshop will lead you toward becoming an effective and authentic communicator.


Communication Styles Workshop

The Zen Speaker System workshop was created to support you in moving beyond mediocrity and becoming a calm, confident and compelling communicator. Whether you're a seasoned professional or taking your first turn behind the podium, fresh insight and new public speaking techniques will breathe life into your next presentation. There is an audience waiting for your exact message, delivered with your authenticity, vulnerability, and perspective.

About the Coaching Group

About the Coaching Group

The Professional Coaching Program builds upon the foundational two-day leadership summit, offering a deep dive into the tools, skills, and embodiment necessary for profound, lasting change. Through multiple comprehensive sessions, participants will gain advanced insights into self-awareness, interpersonal skills, emotional mastery, and systems thinking, all designed to foster outstanding leadership results and a community of compassionate leaders. Our approach is grounded in leadership coaching, organizational culture transformation techniques, and evidence-based resiliency practices, ensuring that each participant emerges with enhanced confidence, wisdom, and strategic connections for a meaningful impact.

About the Facilitators

2024 Fellowship Facilitators

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Will Rucker Headshot (2022 portrait)_edited.jpg
Amy Ayoub.jpeg

Gard Jameson (Founder, Workshop Facilitator) received his Ph.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2005. He teaches Chinese and Indian Philosophy in the Philosophy Department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Prior to his tenure at UNLV, he spent 25 years practicing as a Certified Public Accountant and Financial Planner at Piercy, Bowler, Taylor & Kern and Touche Ross.

He is the author of four books, Footprints on the Sands of Time (1985), the story of his mentor, Dr. Raymond M. Alf, Phaethon: Our Mythic Moment (2009), an ancient Greek tale that illuminates our current predicament, and Monkey: Our Mythic Moment (2012), the grand epic of China, and Love is the Key (2021).

Gard helped found and chairs the boards of the Children's Advocacy Alliance and the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada. He is the Treasurer of VMSN (Volunteers in Medicine in Southern Nevada). Gard also helped found the Nevada Community Foundation and serves on the board of the Stillpoint Center for Spiritual Development and the Alf Museum of Life in Claremont, California.



Krista Darnold (Executive Director, Fellows Mentor) is a highly energetic builder of community and a true “connector” of people, organizations, and business resources.  She has extensive experience working with some of the greatest visionaries – both individually and organizationally – focusing on making Southern Nevada a diverse, culturally-leading and inclusive place to live and work.

As a community-wide ambassador, she has established strong roots representing numerous organizations tied to her passions. In the last two decades, Krista has had the pleasure of holding some multifaceted, and unique roles with leading organizations including: the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Vegas Chamber and The Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

Krista serves on the Mob Museum Board of Directors, Vegas Chamber’s Leadership Las Vegas Council and The Smith Center for the Performing Arts President’s Advisory Council. Krista has also been a longstanding leadership member of both United Way of Southern Nevada’s Women United and the Junior League of Las Vegas.

Will Rucker (Coach, Leadership Summit Facilitatoris passionately engaged in fostering an inclusive, sustainable, and compassionate Las Vegas. For more than two decades, he has been facilitating transformational workshops, delivering life-changing keynotes, and helping organizations, executives, and entrepreneurs elevate their E.Q. (emotional-relational intelligence) and communication skills, to create a high-performing, values-driven culture that drives sustainable success. 

Will gratefully offers his unique leadership perspective as a board member of the Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition, Community Partners for Better Health, and Compassionate Las Vegas. Will is a certified Interpersonal Skills Trainer (ColorCode Personality Science) and facilitator of the Life University certificate program Compassionate Integrity Training (CIT). He is also a Certified Leadership Coach and Organizational Culture Consultant for Barrett Values Centre, and holds a master’s degree in Executive Leadership.


Carol Schindler (Workshop Facilitator) began teaching corporate workshops using improvisational techniques. This work launched a new career that of a creative director, writer and speech coach for corporate meetings. She spent the next 25 years working with pharmaceutical and high tech companies, service industries and financial institutions and has worked with many celebrities and corporate executives.

Carol’s clients have included: American Express, AT&T, Canon, Coke, Dell Computers, Delta Airlines, Federal Express, Ford, Gerber, HBO, Mars and many others. Before starting Carol Schindler Consulting, Carol worked for the London based training consultancy, IDOLOGY. Trainer, speaker, speech coach, director, writer, Carol does it all with passion and her own style of humor. The perfect blend of big business and show business.



Amy Ayoub (Workshop Facilitator) is a lifelong Las Vegan who combined her passion for public speaking and helping others when she founded The Zen Speaker. Possessing over 30 years of professional experience as a financial planner and political fundraiser with numerous turns behind the microphone, Amy is regularly asked to share her networking talents and storytelling abilities with staff, volunteers and key leaders of nonprofit and community organizations, corporations, academic forums and leadership groups throughout Nevada and the United States.

Embracing her strength as a public speaker with an entrepreneurial spirit, Amy obtained her certification as a World Class Speaking coach and began assisting clients on their journey to share their stories, find peace behind the podium, and move audiences to action. As a result of working with Amy – utilizing her supportive nature and ability for bringing out each person’s unique voice - clients report remarkable increases in revenue, acceptance as experts in their various fields, and a greater feeling of preparedness, confidence and connection whether presenting to an audience of one or one-thousand.

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