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Circles of Trust

Here, under conditions that evoke “the better angels of our nature,” we experience our innate capacity to honor, not violate, the identity and integrity of others. And we witness the remarkable things that can happen — within us, between us, and beyond us — as we learn to relate to each other that way.


Our deepest calling

Our deepest calling is to grow into our own authentic self-hood, whether or not it conforms to some image of who we ought to be. As we do so, we will not only find the joy that every human being seeks–we will also find our path of authentic service in the world.”



A rare but real form of community

If we are willing to embrace the challenge of becoming whole, we cannot embrace it alone—at least, not for long: we need trustworthy relationships to sustain us, tenacious communities of support, to sustain the journey toward an undivided life. Taking an inner journey toward rejoining soul and role requires a rare but real form of community that I call a “circle of trust.”       

—Parker J. Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness (adapted)

Results of Circles of Trust

Principles and practices from the Circle of Trust approach can be applied to your daily life and work. Participants in a Circle of Trust return to their homes, workplaces and communities, taking important resources with them. People gain greater access to the inner teacher and a new depth of self-knowledge, often resulting in a clearer sense of guidance for their personal and professional lives and a resolve to live closer to their core commitments.

As a result of participating in circles of trust people report:
  • a stronger sense of purpose and integrity

  • expanded capacity to be fully present to others in ways that affirm and heal

  • increased skill in asking the honest, open questions that help others uncover their own inner wisdom

  • greater confidence to seek or create communities of support

  • increased understanding, appreciation and respect for human differences, based in deeper awareness of the identity and  integrity of ourselves and others

  • greater capacity to build the relational trust that helps institutions pursue their missions

  • more courage to live and lead authentically

  • renewed passion for their work or vocation

  • a deeper commitment to leadership and service to others


Circle of Trust Touchstones

The following “Touchstones” were adapted from Parker Palmer’s Touchstones for Circles of Trust. More information can be found in his book “A Hidden Wholeness,” or at The Center for Courage and Renewal: Palmer’s methodology provides an an extremely important grounding for InterSpiritual dialog.

circles of trust touchstones.jpeg

Co-Creative Teams

Circles of Trust and Co-Creative Teams work together in harmony to facilitate progress of the whole earth system, with all of its sectors, by tapping into the wisdom and compassion of the personal and collective soul. Circles of Trust create a resonance with our capacity for self- transcendence, connecting to our higher self. Co-Creative Teams create a cooperative and collaborative opportunity for addressing systemic issues that affect our community, both local and global. It will be transformed individuals who help evolve a transformed global culture in which the values of wisdom, compassion, and courage lead to greater peace, love, and joy.

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