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Co-Creation Initiative

Humanity is awakening, with an increasing desire for compassionate governance of our societies. Community leaders and employees also see opportunities in working with heart-centered citizens and organizations. Thus, we can now shift from hierarchical, power-based decisions to jointly co-create the best possible compassionate solutions.

What is Co-Creation?


Our Opportunity

When humanity shifts from self-centered, mind-based cooperation to compassionate, heart-based co-creation, we will allow a new age for humanity to appear, manifesting the peaceful, joyful and regenerative world that we all desire. Starting with ourselves, thereafter in communities and eventually in the whole world.

The Co-Creator

“There’s fascinating evidence of a fundamentally new pattern emerging in humanity:

the co-creator. 


The co-creator relinquishes the need for power over others and celebrates the emergence of authentic partnership in all domains, offering a juicier, more collaborative, and ultimately more powerful way to live.


The new co-creator archetype is at the very root of our next evolution of humanity. 


This co-creator can actually be seen everywhere – in business, in our personal relationships and in solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges — and as we embrace the full power of the new pattern, we can grow into our full potential as a human family.” 


- Barbara Marx Hubbard

Our vision: Global transformation
  1. Starting with our inner transformation through personal healing,  we join each other in our communities’ evolution, opening up for more compassion, authenticity and capacity to maturely harmonize and collaborate.

  2. Pioneering communities’ develop social innovations that inspire co-creators everywhere. Their innovations “go viral”.

  3. Compassionate social innovations will spread and be continuously improved in global webs of co-creative people, organizations and communities. We will gradually transform our world to become the peaceful, joyful and regenerative place that we all desire.

As Awakened Humans…
  1. We spread love  and compassion, and fulfill our missions with our co-creators

  2. As we gain critical mass, we start to shift our communities to compassionate co-creative governance.

  3. Then we connect across the world and transform our planet towards higher consciousness, intimacy, freedom and joy.

A Co-Creator:
  1. knows and feels that all of life is one interconnected whole

  2. has inner peace and harmony, and has overcome the ego based need for personal recognition

  3. can join others in heart resonance, and doesn’t work against anybody

  4. is dedicated to his/her higher life purpose, serving principles such as love, heartfelt truth, wisdom, peace, unity and beauty.

Map of Co-Creators

Map Purpose

THE PURPOSE of this Map is to support all heart-centered, open-minded people in connecting and manifesting a world with peace, joy, and care for all life.


  • Millions of people are prepared to engage with others to co-create the world that our hearts desire.

  • Few of us are, however, visible to each other. We may be members of thousands of different global or local networks that are isolated from each other, or we may be alone with a heart-felt desire to somehow contribute.

  • Thus, with the Map, we want to make all co-creators in the world visible to each other - especially allowing people who live close to each other to establish contact via email and explore co-creation opportunities in physical meetings.


THE BENEFITS of appearing on this Map are to:

  • Receive email invitations from people who want to co-create a better world with you.

  • (Your email address will not be known to the sender, and you have no obligation to reply.)

  • Invite others on the Map who may be interested in co-creating a better world with you.

  • (Your email address will be displayed to allow the receivers to reply to you.)

Learn more about Co-Creation & the Map of Co-Creators at and

Las Vegas Co-Creation Initiative

Las Vegas will become the first city in the world to have a concerted effort to establish a community of co-creators in an organized fashion through the Las Vegas Co-Creation Initiative.


The people of Las Vegas are awakening, with an increasing desire for compassionate solutions in the governance of our community. Fortunately, our community governance is also increasingly open to shift from isolated hierarchical decision making to co-creation with heart-centered citizens and organizations. We have an unprecedented opportunity to increasingly manifest the caring and joyful community that we all desire. And be an inspiration for other communities.


With the help of Gard Jameson and other coordinators, a group of 30 people will gather to learn about the power of combining Circles of Trust and community Co-Creation.  


Circles of Trust will serve to establish a foundation of trust and create deeper, more meaningful connections and space for contemplation and reflection among participants.  Circles allow each of us to progress on our own inner journeys of self discovery and awareness, connecting to our higher self.  Participants will also, over time, build new levels of trust and understanding with others in their circle.


While Circles of Trust help us reflect inwardly, Co-Creation provides a new framework for our outer world.  To reinvent our relationships and society towards a more co-creative world.

Successful community co-creations include all of the “4 voices”:
  1. Engaged citizens

  2. Leaders of non-profit organizations

  3. Business leaders and innovators

  4. Responsible civil servants

Benefits of the “4 voices”:

All 4 voices contribute complementary skills and resources, allowing more impact and benefits to the community than the traditional, hierarchical model could ever deliver alone:


The co-creation will also 

  • Be more joyful for everybody engaged

  • Inspire co-creation in other sectors of the community

  • Gradually shift the whole community towards ‘us together’

Circles of Trust + Co-Creative Teams

Circles of Trust and Co-Creative Teams work together in harmony to facilitate progress of the whole earth system, with all of its sectors, by tapping into the wisdom and compassion of the personal and collective soul. Circles of Trust create a resonance with our capacity for self- transcendence, connecting to our higher self. Co-Creative Teams create a cooperative and collaborative opportunity for addressing systemic issues that affect our community, both local and global. It will be transformed individuals who help evolve a transformed global culture in which the values of wisdom, compassion, and courage lead to greater peace, love, and joy.

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