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Episode 012: Diversity, LGBTQ+, Ageism, Religion and more with Senator Pat Spearman

On Episode 12, Will sits down with Pat Spearman - Senator, PhD, former Pastor, and Lieutenant Colonel - to discuss Diversity, LGBTQ+ Issues, Ageism, Religion, the 2020 Census and More.

Watch the Episode Here:

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“I think it's very important at a time like this for us to be reminded that diversity is a strength, not a weakness. Equality matters, and so does equity.” — Patricia Spearman

Doctor Patricia Spearman's courage, commitment and dedication for the rights of the people, started before becoming Senator of Nevada District 1. For 29 years, she was on the front line, serving in the Army Operations Center for the Pentagon, ascending to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and receiving the highest title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Feeling the need to do more for her community, Patricia took on the San Marcos Independent School District Board. Within 6 months of membership and with a pledge to serve and adherence to education, she took on the challenge of President of the School Board. It was here that she realized the challenges that parents, administrators and educators face when ensuring that every child has access to an equal and sustainable public education.

In 2008 Patricia Spearman took on the reins to ensure Barack Obama's 12.5 point Nevada victory-the state’s largest margin of victory in two decades. Her work with the Obama campaign, her experience as a public servant and the 2008 recession prompted her need to do more.

In 2012 Patricia Spearman filed to run for Nevada’s 1st Senate District. Her opponent a conservative incumbent stood no chance against Spearman's grassroots foundation. As Spearman ran for Senate, she pursued a Doctor of Business Administration at Walden University. Her mission statement to become a voice of the people, a supporter of community groups and an ally to local leaders guaranteed her 63% victory.

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