Holding true to the spirit of unity and collaboration, the Jameson Fellowship’s Collective Impact Grant is meant to bring together community leaders to address an identified need within the community. Open to all Fellows, the Collective Impact Grant inspires partnerships across sectors to bring together our city’s most brilliant minds. This distinctive grant fosters collective activism, diversity, and inclusion which are key ingredients to a more compassionate community.

Compassionate Las Vegas, Drs. Gard & Florence Jameson, and the Moonridge Foundation are proud to announce the 2021 Compassionate Las Vegas Grant.

The grant will award $10,000 to an organization or community initiative that places compassion at the heart of its work. Competitive applicants will demonstrate how their project aims to make Las Vegas a more compassionate place to live, work, and play. Inter-agency collaboration is welcome and encouraged.

Compassionate Las Vegas is a community initiative created to foster the values of the Charter for Compassion and build a movement of compassion in the Las Vegas valley by promoting the mission in our community from grass-roots to grass-tops. The mission of Compassionate Las Vegas is to: “Develop cohesion in critical areas of public interest — housing (homelessness), education and mental health & well being — to align advocates around comprehensive investments and strategies that bring greater compassion to our community and state.”

Congratulations to this year's grant recipients.