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Episode 008: Evoking Compassion Through the Performing Arts with Rick Sperling

On Episode 8 of the Compassionate Las Vegas Podcast, Will sits down with Arts Educator Rick Sperling to discuss how the performing arts build unity, diversity, empathy and compassion.

Rick Sperling is a world-renowned Arts Education, Community Arts and Creative Youth Development pioneer. He is the founder and Artistic Director Emeritus of Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit which he began as a way to address what he calls, "gaps in arts education through the metro Detroit area." During Rick’s 27 years of leadership, Mosaic became a fixture on Detroit's arts scene while frequently earning national media attention. It is known for the high quality (and high energy) of its performances and its ability to propel its students into performing arts careers — and other successes.


His most recent endeavor is Sperling Arts Strategies LLC, Which serves as the Arts Consultant for Detroit Public Schools leading the Detroit School of Arts (DSA) Pathways Initiative, connecting 24 Arts Partners with the Detroit School of Arts, and creating Middle School Arts Conservatories.

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