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Episode 005: Compassion Makes Dollars and Sense with Alice Vo Edwards

On Episode 5 of the Compassionate Las Vegas Podcast, Will sits down with ALICE VO EDWARDS, a translational psychological scientist who is passionate about using social capital and technologies as levers to increase human thriving.

She is an expert in understanding and aligning employer and employee needs for the best win-win outcomes so employees can be happy and productive, and organizations can be more profitable.

Alice has a passion for how technology can help improve outcomes for at-risk groups and individuals with disabilities.

With an MBA and nearly 20 years corporate experience, Alice is extremely knowledgeable about what makes businesses run. Currently, Alice is a Ph.D. candidate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a focus on research and evaluation. Her dissertation topic is researching the relationships between social capital, personality, job satisfaction, and turnover.

Alice isn’t all business. She also finds joy in gardening and creating a mini paradise of greenery in the Nevada desert. If you visit her at the right time of the year, you can enjoy home grown fruits and veggies straight from the garden.

Today we talk about everything from meditation to mermaiding. If you are a business owner, leader, or employee - this episode is for you. Today Alice helps us to understand why and how Compassion makes Dollars and Sense.

Connect with Alice online at:

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