Compassionate Las Vegas is a community network created to foster the values of the Charter for Compassion and build a movement of compassion in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. We aim to make Las Vegas a more compassionate place to live, learn, work, and play by promoting compassionate practices in our community from grass-roots to grass-tops.

2022 compassionate las vegas grant 

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We invite you to refer individuals in your network to receive an invitation to apply for the Jameson Fellowship 2023 Cohort. Fill out the short referral form and we'll send them an invitation to complete an application during the next cycle.

Compassionate Las Vegas, Drs. Gard & Florence Jameson, and the Moonridge Foundation are proud to announce the 2022 Compassionate Las Vegas Grant.

The grant will award $10,000 to a community initiative that places compassion at the heart of its work. Competitive applicants will show how their project demonstrates increased impact through collaborative efforts among non-profit and social sector organizations aiming to make Las Vegas a more compassionate place to live, learn, work, and play.  As such, inter-organization partnership is a required component of the application. Innovative, new, grass-roots programs with potential for growth and sustainability are encouraged.

Compassion in Action

across the valley and throughout the world

Compassion as the Foundation for Collective Leadership with Julian High of United Way | CLVP S3 E15

Compassion as the Foundation for Collective Leadership with Julian High of United Way | CLVP S3 E15

Julian High United Way of Southern Nevada President and CEO With decades of experience in driving change and raising the bar for nonprofits and for-profit organizations, Julian High is well-equipped to bring transformative change as United Way of Southern Nevada’s President and CEO. With deep roots in Las Vegas, Julian began his career as the Director of Community and Government Affairs for Sahara Gaming Corporation. As the first African American to serve in this role for a gaming corporation, Julian began his path to breaking new ground and aligning philanthropic giving with local issues. With a heart for serving the community, Julian moved to the East Coast to lead the national communication efforts to secure employment opportunities at National Industries for the Blind. To ensure that every member of the LGBTQ+ family has the freedom to live with equality under the law, Julian next became the Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Human Resources for the Human Rights Campaign. Through his leadership and determination, the organization received national exposure for their work in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Most recently, Julian served as the Founder and President of J3H Platinum, an executive management consultancy that has helped C-Suite executives build strong, cohesive teams and create effective communications, business, and political strategies. With the goal of devoting himself to helping the community where he grew up, Julian and his husband, Michael Vaughn, returned to Las Vegas. Growing up in the Westside neighborhood of Regal Estates, where he served as the Student Body President of Chaparral High School, Julian continues to be a strong advocate for connecting local neighborhoods to resources for all to have the opportunity to succeed. Julian is inspired to leverage resources in our community to match the $10 million donation that United Way of Southern Nevada received from Amazon co-founder MacKenzie Scott to help provide access to education, workforce development, and community support.
Compassion on a Global Scale with Cristina Gonzalez | Compassionate Las Vegas Podcast S3 E14

Compassion on a Global Scale with Cristina Gonzalez | Compassionate Las Vegas Podcast S3 E14

Twenty years ago Cristina Gonzalez, founded Ezer ABP a volunteering center in Monterrey with the goal of nurturing a culture of service and training leaders to address issues of grave concern in the community. When she started Ezer, Cristina envisioned an army, the right kind of army, to serve people in need. Ezer ABP, best known as the “Volunteer’s home”, has franchised its model to the North (Chihuahua) and the south (Yucatan) of Mexico and now has 11 volunteering centers with around 18,000 volunteers bringing support to more than 384 NGOs. In 2003, she and a group of people founded Estima ABP, an organization that helps people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. In 2010, he founded and directed the FOMESUR social project in Galeana Nuevo Leon, in which for more than 5 years she rescued women from prostitution to integrate and train them in a maquila project on which they earned a regular income and could be close to their families. Cristina’s passion to be a servant leader is highlighted in her work as a counselor at Retos ABP, Misioneras Catequistas de los Pobres, Human Development Subcommittee of the Nuevo Leon Council, NGO’s Council of the Institute of the Youth of San Pedro, Delta Kappa Gamma chapter Nuevo Leon and a social activist of the O&O Academy in Mexico. She is a pioneer of the interreligious dialogue in Nuevo Leon and directed the first and second World Congress SER in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 became founder and director of Encuentro Mundial de Valores ABP, a non-profit organization dedicated to promote human values and intersectorial alliances for the development of community projects. She has 5 years leading “Compassionate Nuevo Leon” (Nuevo Leon por la Compasion) and celebrated 2 years on air with her radio program “Encuentro de Valores”. Cristina is an international speaker, a poet, and recipient of an honorary doctorate from the Universidad Cervantina. In addition to this endless list of service, Cristina has been the secretary to the International Charter for Compassion since 2018.