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Circles of Trust

Circles of Trust and Co-Creative Teams work together in harmony to facilitate the progress of the whole earth system, with all of its sectors, by tapping into the wisdom and compassion of the personal and collective soul. Circles of Trust create a resonance with our capacity for self-transcendence, connecting to our higher self. Co-Creative Teams create a cooperative and collaborative opportunity for addressing systemic issues that affect our community, both local and global. It will be transformed individuals who help evolve a transformed global culture in which the values of wisdom, compassion, and courage lead to greater peace, love, and joy.


A Co-Creator:

  • Knows and feels that all of life is one interconnected whole

  • Has inner peace and harmony, and has overcome the ego based need for personal recognition

  • Can join others in heart resonance, and doesn’t work against anybody

  • Is dedicated to his/her higher life purpose, serving principles such as love, heartfelt truth, wisdom, peace, unity and beauty.


Compassionate City Awards


A compassionate city thrives when its people actively care for each other and their community. Through the Compassionate City Awards, we highlight individuals making a lasting impact across eight priority areas.

Billy Allen - Education 

Ashley Nickerson - Environmental Sustainability 

Richard Egan - Health & Wellness  

Heather Engle - Housing Security 

Kimberly Small - Human Trafficking 

Mujahid Ramadan - Restorative Justice   

Evelyn Valdez - Strengthening the Family 

Delivering with Dignity - Organization Recognition

Just Serve - Organization Recognition


Congratulations to the 2024 recipients. 

unnamed (3).png

Compassionate USA represents an immense opportunity to affirm the capacity of Compassion to change the trajectory of culture away from tragedy.

With over 20 Cities in Compassionate California, and numerous cities throughout the USA signing on, we are given the chance to begin to break the cycles of violence, racism, and trauma that we painfully witness too often. Compassion is a verb!

When we open the door of Compassion, we invite the floodwaters of Loving Kindness, which results in the awareness of Hope. Now doesn’t that sound like a great opportunity? Thank you for being such a significant participant in the Compassion Movement!


Gard Jameson

2023 Jameson Fellows Summit

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first-ever All Fellows Summit. If you missed it, or want to experience it again, watch the replay below. #JFCollectiveImpact 

Compassion in Action

across the valley and throughout the world

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