Compassionate Las Vegas is a community network created to foster the values of the Charter for Compassion and build a movement of compassion in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. We aim to make Las Vegas a more compassionate place to live, learn, work, and play by promoting compassionate practices in our community from grass-roots to grass-tops.

2022 compassionate las vegas grant 

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We invite you to refer individuals in your network to receive an invitation to apply for the Jameson Fellowship 2023 Cohort. Fill out the short referral form and we'll send them an invitation to complete an application during the next cycle.

Compassionate Las Vegas, Drs. Gard & Florence Jameson, and the Moonridge Foundation are proud to announce the 2022 Compassionate Las Vegas Grant.

The grant will award $10,000 to a community initiative that places compassion at the heart of its work. Competitive applicants will show how their project demonstrates increased impact through collaborative efforts among non-profit and social sector organizations aiming to make Las Vegas a more compassionate place to live, learn, work, and play.  As such, inter-organization partnership is a required component of the application. Innovative, new, grass-roots programs with potential for growth and sustainability are encouraged.

Compassion in Action

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